Matrix Games

Matrix Games are little games written in python 3 with the mtxPython Framework.

These games are based on a two-dimensional matrix like Sokoban, Bomberman or maze puzzles in general. There is a game console written in Python 3 on which the games can be played. The game console has a thrift interface that allows different clients to connect. These clients do not necessarily have to be written in python, but in every language for which there is also a library for Thrift. Thus, it is possible to write a client with which the games can be presented graphically nicely.


The python framework every Matrix Game is based on.

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Game Console

To play your Matrix Games you need a game console that manage and run your games. Either you write your own game console or you use our, which is implemented with wxPython.

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The possibilities to visualize the games with wxPython are limited. Thanks to a Thrift interface, it is possible to write a client in an environment that can graphically get the most out of your game. Write your own client or use our client based on Unity.

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