So you want to support the community and want to participate in the MatrixGames project, great. Here is what you need...

The matrix games, the mtxPython framework and the game console are all written in python, so for the development you need a python development environment. Because the project requires many different packages (such as wxPython Phoenix, Thrift or Sphinx) we provide a virtual environment for python (venv) with all packages necessary for the development.

Set up a python development environment

  1. Download and install Python 3.4 (recommended directory: `C:\Python34`):


  2. We provide a GitHub repository with the virtual environment for python (venv) with all packages necessary for the development.
    1. Create the following directory:
      If it already exists, make sure it is empty.
      Attention: You must clone the repository to C:\PythonVirtualEnv\MatrixGames, because the path is hard coded in all binaries (e.g. pip.exe).

    2. Change to the directory and clone the repository
      • Via HTTPS:
        git clone .
      • or
      • Via SSH:
        git clone .
      Attention: The point at the end is important and ensures that Git clones into the current directory!

      If you have not installed python in the recommended directory, you have to change the home variable in C:\PythonVirtualEnv\MatrixGames\pyvenv.cfg to your python path.

Get the code

You find all the code on

How to run python scripts

The virtual environment contains the binary of the python interpreter (python.exe), which you have to use if you want to run scripts from the Matrix Games project.

Create a new interpreter Window -> Preferences -> PyDev -> Interpreters -> Python Interpreters named Python - Matrix Games that points to the binary C:\PythonVirtualEnv\MatrixGames\Scripts\python.exe

Assign the interpreter Python - Matrix Games to the project by right-clicking on the project Properties -> PyDev -> Interpreter/Grammar -> Interpreter.

You can activate the virtual environment by running the batch C:\PythonVirtualEnv\MatrixGames\Scripts\activate.bat. This will adjust the path environment variable so you can run a script as usual with python

If you don't want the activation, you can simply run a script by using the full path to the interpreter: C:\PythonVirtualEnv\MatrixGames\Scripts\python